Thursday, September 18, 2008

views from a car window.... arcata to sf in a subaru with a dude we met at the skatepark

yes thats a bunny

schuyler takes a closer look

paul bunyan lives... it happened to be 4th of july

forget this places name... rumored 144 dolla tickets for no helmet... there was a carnival across the street with a rodeo

the town where levi's (our driver) aunt lives... forget the name too... something bay i think

dirty leather couch.. so you know dirty schuyler was quick to sit on it

pretty place to live... too bad i can't remember the name

levi's aunt let us crash and made us superfoods

superfood and drink recipe exchange


pj asleep.. guess we're driving to sf......

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george said...

Is that the only shirt Schuyler wore on the entire trip?