Friday, August 29, 2008

lacidar ramp gets some love

in all its glory

we have lights cause the sun sets everyday

magic with some pump action. fools droppin in soon

dude ......your iso is f-o-ed

so i finally put a little loot into the lacidar ramp...... hopefully after some good shred sessions and some donations this thing will look like shecklers backyard ... i'm getting "OWENS" on my back jersey style next week!

new parks taking shape!

jersey barriers soon!

the flat was poured this morning.. shredable by monday!

the bump at the top of the bank is the "dead deer bump" its about the size of three carcasses. put there by gang members.... was supposed to just be a 20 foot wide bank.......

too bad this stencil blew into the yard and got rained on

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

new shredland in snowmass

people it is time to get out on the road and shralp this epic gnar! what?
check it

the last leg in oregon

more down the coast and the end of Oregon

redwoods son!

not bad

in the fog and light rain.... the normal load

camping..... gotta hang the food, pj's scared of raccoons and schuyler and i are scared of chupacabre

camp. tube tent still killin it!

i forget the name of this place... its the park you can jump the bowl evil knievel style, which non of us did

schuyler back tailed at every park so far ..... but will he make it the whole trip?

made it!

ways to go though.... spoiler... we hitchhike!!! hippies soon. arcata fools!

lot of yelling this post! damn! son! wooo! i hope your yelling in your heads when you read this. woo!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dead Deer Olympic Village

Perfect toss and catch from the balcony...

The run,dive,swim,run,jump,dive,run,dive competition. Look for it in London.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

we be jammin

oh yeah

chili cheese dog at the campsite... can't be beat.... some how shcuyler ate 3

first cradle ever built... in a town of about 3000 people...

ah the coast

so we had to leave slex and hit the bikes.... 20 mile ride to coffee break..... at tsunami willie's... and thats the man himself.

pose is to good not to post

ah the open foggy road



too bad pj biked right by this gem. schuyler and i took pics of what we could and then went to catch up. would've loved to pay 8 bucks to walk through this place though

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

some cheesy song lyric

trespassing is often necessary

cheating miles in the car... slex drives us down the coast

which means pj instantly sleeps....

and i ponder.... what to post next.... and will anybody else besides me ever post?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

photos and stuff


this will be a dead deer shirt as soon as i draw antlers on that bird (or somebody else does and emails it to me) wink, wink, nudge, nudge

gloomy mornings make epic b and w pictures

wheres waldo

the lady's love him

Saturday, August 16, 2008

surfs down!!

wetsuit ish....

scopin the waves

hiking ish

what a stud

scummer life!

more coast, meet up with slex

still heading down the coast... in this episode we meet up with slex, who drove down from corvalis and saved us from full campgrounds and biking the highway at night... and in the next episode takes us surfing.... here the pics.....

behind the scenes... excesszine.blogspot

jesus..... don't know what to say here

another bridge

i think this is a lighthouse... bike by shooting

bike by coast

loading up slex's car after the campground was full

car was cramped.... but outta the saddle is nice

slex is here!! so you know we got thumbguns!! and...


this was in the paper at breakfast..... time to get gnarly..... just on surfboards in the next episode