Monday, August 11, 2008

lincoln city

rode to lincoln city... park was so good we stayed 2 days

here some pics...

the first sign of ocean

we made it to the coast. my riding gear verse pj's

beer and cookies... fun. we might have killed a small mammal that stole these cookies

the set up. tube tent killin it on the left. scope pj reading harpers and listening to npr (boring!!)

snakes its way down...

fun, fun, fun

the original park at lincoln city blows away most parks you've ever been to

the snake run. things 13 deep catchers mit at the bottom. fun as hell. schuyler was grinding it... i think i might have backside 5-0'd it once... good times

the covered portion

the bowl... i think i only dropped into this once.. the snake run is too fun

biking 50 miles to shred makes you too tired to get in the tent..... schuyler demonstrates

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