Wednesday, July 30, 2008

on the bikes

this is what these dudes look like when i'm in front

first park biked to, well not really cause i already biked to glenhaven and burnside..... but this is the first one that took more than 20 minutes to get to. 4th park overall (we drove to mini westland) ps thats schuyler tailskidding

pj boosting

2nd park of the day.... this dude ranger is friends with pj. he lives here and shreds (park # 5)

still ranger. behind the blog

first flat.. tore my sidewall, awesome!!

must of been a hell of a dude with scissors. certainly my favorite sign of the trip (maybe, not really?)

camp the first night in.. behind that skatepark that ranger is shredding a few pics up. woke up to people jogging by and a dog in my tent. as we were packing up the park ranger, not the dude ranger, came up and simply asked us "do you guys live here" to which we responded "no" and she said "oh, ok.... cool". we packed up and hit the road

pj... probably listening to npr radio

schuyler, probably listening to mariah carey

wonder whats next......

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Random 5 Issue 1

I was laying awake in bed last night after a night of slamming Kentucky Bow shots at Sullivans and I was watching my screensaver randomly scroll through photos. It really made me miss owning a digital camera (mine was stolen in Spain...) This afternoon I turned my screensaver on again and am now posting the first 5 random photos that appeared in order to share my joy at the randomness of life as presented by the MacOSX screensaver.

Issue One:

This is Mexi flexing some Beam and a guitar.

This is me chilling with Bucket head on Halloween in front of the Trailhead.

This is Barry spread eagle in Puerto PeƱasco Mexico

Here is some retard I was taking photos of jumping at the 34 house a long time ago. He got mad that I took the photos and thought I was trying to sell them to some magazine. Doofus.

This is from Dress Like Mexi Day

LET THE RANDOMNESS BE CONTINUED!! (i'll write a real blog soon!)
Zness Da Pness

tomorrows gone

i said i'd post tomorrow 16 days ago.... oh well... i'm gonna try and post for an hour straight... lets see how that goes


behind the blog.... dudebarn.blogspot

i thought this was funny, its in every gas station door

burnside session with schuyler(who's name i've been spelling wrong the whole time)

good times, nobody there... all the new parks in the portland area

dudes whats the name of this place? simple design... in the shade, booze galore. nice little sunday spot. mini westland? i think?

this took an hour.. i'm too easily distracted (i probably also shouldn't do this at work)

next post from me.. we hit the road, or more random portland.. who knows?.. all i know is that i have 2 or three b-days and another trip since this to blog aswell. hopefully mega blog sesh<-----(this shop sucks butt) soon

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gettin' Really Real.

The new gang sign? Maybe we should get some big patches made for our jean-vests.

Dead for life,

Sunday, July 13, 2008


made it to portland...... and so did my bike

picked out a "nook" and started the assembly

20 minutes later locked and loaded

called the dudes to meet up, they were at glenhaven skatepark 5 miles from the airport. here's PJ sitting on the railing.... the dudes were still super hurtin from the night before... more laying under trees than skate mission on this day

schyler got a 5-0 over the stairs in the shallow though... i realized it might have been a good idea to skate a little before the trip.

this is george. george does marketing stuff for Adidas skate. he was rad enough to put us up in portland. PJ and schyler had been here for 4 days or so... apparently they had been skating a little, drinking a lot and occasionally visiting portlands famous strip clubs. In this photo is seen thumbing a beer...... probably the raddest thing we learned the whole trip (PJ still can't do it) and he's been trying for 9 months or something.

schylers first successful "thumbed beer"

yeah dog.... handle it. during this thumbing george noticed something special.......

...schylers immaculate "flair tan". this photo is on of my many "behind the blog" photos. to see the photo check its georgs's super rad portland skate blog

slex stopped by on his way home to corvalis from seattle. He got right into the swing of things and thumbed a beer like he'd been doing it for years. slex kills, and i was stoked to see him (sorry for the bromance, but we go way back)

you should also check Its slex's and its way better than mine (he actually knows how to shoot photos) and he's got some good ones from this day on there. on a side note it was funny watching him, PJ, and George occasionally nerd off about cameras

after learning how to thumb beers and start wizard staffs we headed to the dude barn, a few blocks from georges house

at the dudebarn they have a killer ramp. George kills it

more on this and the effects of thumbing beers and wizard staffs tomorrow

Friday, July 11, 2008

PORTLAND to SANFRAN pedal skateboard fest 08

the following blogs will document my summer vacation. 6/21/08 i flew to portland, 7/9/08 i flew home from San Fransisco..... the following is what happened in between... this parrticular post is about my new bike and the days leading up to leaving....

new rig... surly's traveler check.. stoked

this is why i'm stoked...

S and S couplers


able to check on the plane.... free of charge. time to go to portland and meet up with schyler and PJ from excess zine

but first.....

MASHADAR cd release show....

fog, lights,.......


its not a good show if Curtis leaves his shirt on... dude was wearing flip flops
if you've never heard of them check them out at

best album of 08'

early the next morning at the shop getting my gear. got everything in the bag (bike, clothes, tent, mat, tools, extra skate parts... 3 of the 4 panniers) just carried on one pannier and my shred sled

as far as i'm concerned there is no reason to fly on a plane, start or end a trip for that matter, without a beer at the airport. who cares if its 9 in the morning, the beers 8 bucks, and you were up till 3 at a metal show? time to celebrate the trips beginning

see you in portland.....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008