Wednesday, July 30, 2008

on the bikes

this is what these dudes look like when i'm in front

first park biked to, well not really cause i already biked to glenhaven and burnside..... but this is the first one that took more than 20 minutes to get to. 4th park overall (we drove to mini westland) ps thats schuyler tailskidding

pj boosting

2nd park of the day.... this dude ranger is friends with pj. he lives here and shreds (park # 5)

still ranger. behind the blog

first flat.. tore my sidewall, awesome!!

must of been a hell of a dude with scissors. certainly my favorite sign of the trip (maybe, not really?)

camp the first night in.. behind that skatepark that ranger is shredding a few pics up. woke up to people jogging by and a dog in my tent. as we were packing up the park ranger, not the dude ranger, came up and simply asked us "do you guys live here" to which we responded "no" and she said "oh, ok.... cool". we packed up and hit the road

pj... probably listening to npr radio

schuyler, probably listening to mariah carey

wonder whats next......

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