Tuesday, May 27, 2008

cycle jerks gang bang 08'

a guide to 3rd place...... wait! we got 3rd place???

so this weekend zness and myself (hones wags) headed down to denver for a bike race we knew little about. all we knew was that it started at 9pm and ended at 5am. We had also heard that you got points for drinks in bars..... so we figured we might be able to help out a bit with that portion of the competition. So the following is a picture diary (really i'm going with diary?) of what took place once we got there.

this is Per. he's rad. his house is 3 blocks from 3 kings tavern. killer location

we had never met Garret, but he shreds his bike and doesn't booze. He's why we got third place. I think he found every sticker in the city while we bar hopped.

this is Stephan. he's was adamant about our costumes "we get twice the points!!", he would yell.

So we all pitched in and made some kickass costumes. we should have one the costume contest but its hard to compete with a guy streaking the stage. BTW this is Zness. He just got a fixed gear and loves it. He came down to take pictures and booze with us "cause it sounded fun" He ended up being our "orphan", He is another reason we won

Costumes complete with 45 minutes left to register.

and we're of to BAR BAR to register

nice little jaunt through denver

stoked!! this should be rad

arriving at BAR BAR. the nerves set in. who are all these people?

the ninja death squad of death or some shit... scary!!

team zissuo "we're just looking for a tiger shark, avoid the ninjas"

seriously scary... "avoid the ninjas!"

"what ninjas?" tickle, tickle....
we don't stand a chance....

team meeting, "we'll go drinking!!", "you dudes get all the important stuff"

"I wonder how much stuff they're be to do?"

uh oh.. 9 pages of maps. 20 bars!! 50 trivia style questions, and a town peppered with questions. plus we got a checkpoint/ mini comp every hour to send a dude to...

"this is alot of stuff!" pics up the maps...
"PUT DOWN THE SHIT OR YOUR OUT!!!", yells jen..
jeeze this is serious.....

team Zissou what should we do?

ah the first drink as a team...... this shouldn't be too bad....

(I'm going to work... this blogging takes forever.... Part 2 soon)

Friday, May 23, 2008

we be bowlin!!!!!!

where you at nate?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

more action, derby action!!

thats what you get!!

who's blogging who now!!
cody blogs at waistbandtuck.blogspot or something like that
go check it

derby makes us hungry... straight to surf for some pizza!! alex get black olives so i won't eat any


Dead Deer went to the roller derby!!!!!

schyler and nate, halftime show!!!

greg harbour is officially 1031 am!! congrats dude (he'll never see this)

Monico backside flip... go am already


this shits dead dear cause we rode our bikes there

Monday, May 12, 2008

holy shit a post!!

dead deer


i hope so

these dudes aren't though....