Tuesday, September 30, 2008


july 5th 2008, san fransisco.....

we finally landed in san fran early moring on the 5th of july. that means it only took me about 3 months to blog it... oh well. heres a few pics... with many more of the shenanigans that ensued to follow...


a tunnel

and a bridge.... pulled into town late night/early morning on the 5th

shenanigans... where in the city fool!

straight to a diner vip status juke box

shuyler don't care

stayed at my old lady's sisters house... veiw from the roof in the morning

pj ponders yet again

sweet flat. thanks for putting us up!

we're going skating.....till next time

Friday, September 26, 2008

the road to san fransisco....

maybe one day i'll be done blogging the bike trip from 2 months ago. here's some pics of us hitchhiking a ride to San Fransisco with a hippy named Levi, 3 bikes, 4 boards, a flute, and a dream

window art



Levi ponders

"hey i bet we could skate that"

scoping the pond

totally shreddable

first try dude.... try 20 something

the dudes ponder the road ahead and the killer sesh that just went down in some dudes pond

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

skate night... wednesdays 8-10

Wednesday skate nights have been going off!! heres some pics of the last 2..... remember tonight at 8!

the younger kids showed up and destroyed it.... so i just took some lame artsy photos

schuyler... hair stache'!

all sorts of shenanigans..

blunt fakie on the lacidar wall!!.... insane

Lacidar Lives!!!

northside continues to grow

deck with two pump bumps...

taylor has been out the volunteering every time i drop by

kids want to skate this thing

full community effort folks

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bromance part I: Week of Alex

people - Alex came to shred the montanas, so that's just what we did. a trip to the Butte and all around the valley. there's a slice of the week below.

1/2 way up the 15 mile climb

trail ninja-ing

roller coaster

401 climb

Rock to Fakie son! way stoked on Slex's power moves.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bondi Bra...

Hello fellow dead deer readers,
At the moment I am sitting in my shoebox of a room only 55 seconds from Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia.  I can hear the surf calling my name so my first post will be brief.  Just figured I would show you a few photos of my new digs so I can entice you all to come and visit me down here and we will go for a skate/surf, who knows maybe we could even get in on some tuning wars. 
If you don't know who I am this is me.  I am sure we have had a beer together.

This is from the north point of Bondi.

This is my new digs. 
12/38 Ramsgate Ave., Bondi, NSW, 2024 Australia
(just incase you want to send me a postcard from new belgium)

This is the skatepark.  Super epic bowl and good surf a hop and a skip away.

I have a couch, floor-space and I am looking for an excuse to buy a van and go on a road trip so when you start to freeze your asses off up there come down and enjoy some sun, skating, surfing and a few beers.

Another Random 5

It's too late and I've collected too many quotes and one liners tonight to even think of posting them in a forum like this. It's really easy to get a "one-liner" brain overload when you slam whiskey with Sickles and Big Andrew for an entire evening. It's like watching Dazed-N-Confused, Point Break, and The Big Lebowski back-to-back and trying to live the next 4 days of your life without quoting them once. It's stupid to try. The only thing I can do is post another RANDOM 5. Here they are...

This was last Christmas. The only way to shut the babies up is to give 'em their "ba-ba's"

We all used to live together... I hope we all die together!

I know what goes on in the Pump Room. Do YOU?!

Willy, Will, Nettles, Herbs and I have been surfing behind boats WAY before it was trendy. (we didn't even have ballast weights... nuthin' but a rope and a dream!!!)

If you can't figure out what is going on in this photo, you are not gay enough.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The first official Dead Deer event is shreduled for October 17th so mark your calendar fool'.

-the format will be the same old everyone for themselves alleycat.
-as of now there are ten (10) stops where you will be completing various tasks to earn the spot.
-we are accumulating some killer prizes for everyone so it will definitely be worth attending.
-more info to come...

scope the flier...