Friday, September 26, 2008

the road to san fransisco....

maybe one day i'll be done blogging the bike trip from 2 months ago. here's some pics of us hitchhiking a ride to San Fransisco with a hippy named Levi, 3 bikes, 4 boards, a flute, and a dream

window art



Levi ponders

"hey i bet we could skate that"

scoping the pond

totally shreddable

first try dude.... try 20 something

the dudes ponder the road ahead and the killer sesh that just went down in some dudes pond


george said...

Did Schuyler do a back tail in the pond?


Yeah, he did a little one. He blew it at Palo Alto though. The 115 F blew his brain and his back tail on everything aspirations. I think he did one everywhere else though. 36 out of 37 parks ain't too bad.