Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bondi Bra...

Hello fellow dead deer readers,
At the moment I am sitting in my shoebox of a room only 55 seconds from Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia.  I can hear the surf calling my name so my first post will be brief.  Just figured I would show you a few photos of my new digs so I can entice you all to come and visit me down here and we will go for a skate/surf, who knows maybe we could even get in on some tuning wars. 
If you don't know who I am this is me.  I am sure we have had a beer together.

This is from the north point of Bondi.

This is my new digs. 
12/38 Ramsgate Ave., Bondi, NSW, 2024 Australia
(just incase you want to send me a postcard from new belgium)

This is the skatepark.  Super epic bowl and good surf a hop and a skip away.

I have a couch, floor-space and I am looking for an excuse to buy a van and go on a road trip so when you start to freeze your asses off up there come down and enjoy some sun, skating, surfing and a few beers.

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