Thursday, September 11, 2008

are we there yet? (a return to the portland to sf posts)

the following are pics from what turned out to be our last leg, or 2, on the bikes. once we hit california the beautiful route 1 turned into a 4 lane highway. it sucked ass. about 2 exits before we reached Arcata a SUV came within a foot of my front wheel. I was crossing an exit and it cut me off, I was traveling roughfly 25 mph to its 65. this event sucked the life out of me and i basically had to tell the dudes i was done pedaling..... on highways atleast.

ah yes

fellow road warriors

help! i have a baby bird in my eye. seriosly this sucked




the infamous airhead wrapped marshmellow!

very pleased

the rigs

arcata park..... full of body building shred dogs... weird scene for humbolt county.. hippyville usa, full of meatheads

pretty much sums it up

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