Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Random 5

It's too late and I've collected too many quotes and one liners tonight to even think of posting them in a forum like this. It's really easy to get a "one-liner" brain overload when you slam whiskey with Sickles and Big Andrew for an entire evening. It's like watching Dazed-N-Confused, Point Break, and The Big Lebowski back-to-back and trying to live the next 4 days of your life without quoting them once. It's stupid to try. The only thing I can do is post another RANDOM 5. Here they are...

This was last Christmas. The only way to shut the babies up is to give 'em their "ba-ba's"

We all used to live together... I hope we all die together!

I know what goes on in the Pump Room. Do YOU?!

Willy, Will, Nettles, Herbs and I have been surfing behind boats WAY before it was trendy. (we didn't even have ballast weights... nuthin' but a rope and a dream!!!)

If you can't figure out what is going on in this photo, you are not gay enough.

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