Wednesday, September 10, 2008

embrace the shakes, drink the next cup

Hot Dog, damn! these bloodies were followed by PBR's to which some chick boulderite replied, " PBR huh, I used to drink that in college too and sometimes now for nostalgia." and I said, "Well, I'm not in college."

Newport Beach camping - some kids brought a hooka to the beach and seshed some sheesha, they could do tricks with it, like 2 people hit it or 3... but these fresh kids made us breakfast and coffee. Good people, so I gave them 2 gallons of water.

Laird and Lopez take the stand up paddleboard up the hill. Slex learns a valuable lesson, fins and sand don't work well.

Willy and I with the wind in our hair in Corvalis.

Bumpin X2: scope the neon's dash. It turns out that we weren't the only ones with such a fresh tuneblaster.

Pole Mountain

Near Green River, Utah.

It was a killer trip, full of epic waves, concrete, sand in everything and goodtimes.

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