Monday, September 8, 2008

long distances to float in cold water

flew to portland

just walk already

george and i met ant the cowboybar in the airport, he flew in from aspen. straight to bloodies

we sat at the bar awhile... george didn't know his seat assignment. totally random... we got seated next to each other. weird

lacidar sighting on the plane.... stoked!

slex arrives in style

token portland shot


first sesh 6.45 at night.... we surfed till you couldn't see and hiked out in the dark

found a hotel room super late after about 3 hours of searching....bummer

max and peewee showed up... this is max and nettles

rain in portland? george, parking lot barrel

scenic huh?

rainbows and shit

i swear this kid has a camera in his hand while driving more often than not

peewee and max

gotta love putting on wwet wetsuits when its freezing out



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