Wednesday, June 25, 2008

since I am crying daily...

well for lack of a better excuse, hearing from the dead deer father puts me in a momentarily elated mood and then down to the floor. epic trips, dreams, parks and fun no doubt. but here are some things that make me well.

Family wall

Hot Rod senior photos

Go skate day at a new park w/brohans

killer bottom turns on huge waves.

Monday, June 9, 2008

kooks bettys & barneys ride fridays

willy wash it out.

nick - monte carlo shred

8pm friday

8am superfly...

not much to say here, just some good times haulin the mail.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

part three... get crunk

in continuation of part two much fun... here's some more random pics from the cycle jerks gangbang over memorial day 08

this was the bachelorrete lady that found the square...... check the buzz bucket. I don't know why she got on my back as i was scribbling the answer... she did say she was on her third buzz bucket

this one writes itself.... Z was singing him poison songs but i don't think this dude got the joke

team merkin.... who woulda thought these dudes and chicks would win it. congrats!!

check it out drunk bums in bushes.... not sure if its worth points but.....

Z gets in there and shares a smoke "we better get points for this!!"

uh oh heres my bike... where am i?

this is me vomiting....

i'll be ok i guess (haven't yet noticed the blood streaming outta my elbow) This happened at about 4:30... Z turned right to avoid a car and i t-boned him..... flew in the air and landed chest first on his front hub.... i haven't had the wind knocked outta me like that since i was 7. once i got up outta the street and yelled at a random goth girl my mouth started to water... "my bodies freaking out... its preping to puke.. but i don't really need to!?" I was right and started puking

whose sneaking up on the ninja's now. they don't stand a chance

uh oh

I know it looks fun people but this was some rigorous work. look at all these maps. one of my favorite parts of the whole thing was the panic attack that would set in every time you went to check your map. it always seemed to be in the 3rd or fourth pocket you checked..... never the first.

this dude said his badge was personal space... "and there was no way in hell, we were invading it" Z goes gangster for the photo anyways

more later.....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Part duex

alright.. been gone awhile not posting and shit.... so lets see what i got up my sleeve (i wonder if this thing even ever gets read?) oh well... for history's sake

the following will be random pictures that happened throughout the night... some taken by Zness da Pness and some taken by yours truly honeswags... so enjoy... the most likely won't be in any particular order

at this location we had to find a brick that said a certain thing that i forget.... it was like "douchebag and larry married too young" or something. but Z and I were not having much luck..... until

a bachelorette party strolled by.... Z quickly offered a sparks and beer if they helped out and low and behold the bride to be found it.....

i have an awesome picture of this s chick stoked she helped out.. but blogger is bumming out the blogging..... i'll try again later tonight

heres me with a bum (i almost stepped on him shouldering my bike down from the overpass).... zoom in to check out his stellar reading material that i was scared to touch

i haven't done a jello shot since i was a 17 year old girl, Z does them for breakfast twice a week

stephan making power moves.... or checking in with mom. side note..... he won the sprint with those little legs. while in the background kegstands are happening for points

this is a non drinker... i guess this is what they think a kegstand is.... the photo after this was jen pouring v8 juice down.. or up.. his gullet

ok the internet is freaking out and i have to go serve doller beers at 34...... more pics soon