Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tomorrows gone

i said i'd post tomorrow 16 days ago.... oh well... i'm gonna try and post for an hour straight... lets see how that goes


behind the blog.... dudebarn.blogspot

i thought this was funny, its in every gas station door

burnside session with schuyler(who's name i've been spelling wrong the whole time)

good times, nobody there... all the new parks in the portland area

dudes whats the name of this place? simple design... in the shade, booze galore. nice little sunday spot. mini westland? i think?

this took an hour.. i'm too easily distracted (i probably also shouldn't do this at work)

next post from me.. we hit the road, or more random portland.. who knows?.. all i know is that i have 2 or three b-days and another trip since this to blog aswell. hopefully mega blog sesh<-----(this shop sucks butt) soon

1 comment:

george said...

mini West Linn is the name you're looking for.