Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Random 5 Issue 1

I was laying awake in bed last night after a night of slamming Kentucky Bow shots at Sullivans and I was watching my screensaver randomly scroll through photos. It really made me miss owning a digital camera (mine was stolen in Spain...) This afternoon I turned my screensaver on again and am now posting the first 5 random photos that appeared in order to share my joy at the randomness of life as presented by the MacOSX screensaver.

Issue One:

This is Mexi flexing some Beam and a guitar.

This is me chilling with Bucket head on Halloween in front of the Trailhead.

This is Barry spread eagle in Puerto PeƱasco Mexico

Here is some retard I was taking photos of jumping at the 34 house a long time ago. He got mad that I took the photos and thought I was trying to sell them to some magazine. Doofus.

This is from Dress Like Mexi Day

LET THE RANDOMNESS BE CONTINUED!! (i'll write a real blog soon!)
Zness Da Pness

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