Tuesday, August 12, 2008

down the coast

some pics from the coast..

here's a bridge.... i think i took a photo of almost every bridge we crossed

behind the blog excesszine.blogspot.com, i'm sure pj hasn't even looked at this photo yet though

34!! corvalis is also where slex lives... check it at rainfromthesky.blogspot.com


oh whatya know. more pedaling

sceneis or not you go when you gotto go

camp somewhere, lots of peanut butter

views for days

and days

this button makes a light flash so cars don't kill us

hope i don't get hit

windy, straight model steeze (check the tights)

so nice its twice

this place was fun.. and in the shade... but had the most redneck inbred park posers i've ever seen. and some dumbass had poured oil in the cradle....

pj naps at a killer park


this place was fun, hot though, and we were spent from the pedal.... but at least we skated it

well at least schuyler did... i rolled around.. he skated

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