Thursday, April 9, 2009


Route was established yesterday, and should be about 15 miles depending on your route making abilities.

ride route will be as follows:

-meet at willys house
-leg 1 to Lee Lake on Overland Drive
-group ride to bottom of Bingham Hill
-leg 2 to top of Bingham Hill
-leg 3 to Swing Station (corner of Overland Trail and 287)
-group ride to poudre trail
-leg 4 to Shields Street bridge on the Poudre Trail.
-group ride to Northside Skatepark.
-leg 5 to the CSU oval.
-leg 6 to City Park Pool
-group ride to my house for some apres velo beverages. 1819 west mulberry.

Meet at Willy's house at 2PM Saturday.
1455 south taft hill road.

Any and all bicycles welcome but if you show up with a carbon fiber Trek you will probably be made fun of, especially if you don't win.

see you there with your helmets on.



shredettles said...

fuck yeah dudes! stoked!

p-dub said...

was the trek thing meant to be a dig at me? Ya bastard.

djmagicmetz said...

Actually no. But it is pretty funny that you ride a Madone.