Wednesday, April 15, 2009

did your mom remeber the oranges for halftime?

-one of the best days I've ever had-


sal paradise said...

when I click on the photos they're still small. Which is a bummer because I wanted to get a better look at what the best day of so many people's lives looked like in greater detail.
In other news, has anyone ever noticed that every wednesday when there's a new Epicly Later'd episode, some one often posts "first comment!" like they won the race? I guess I can be happy I won that contest here..

shredettles said...

sal, not everyone is in love with odell as much as you are, but never the less, congrats on your victory!

djmagicmetz said...

yeah sal... scope the pics again. Now in high def.

also, where is this mystery film scanner on campus? I need to scan my holgavision.

sal paradise said...

thanks for making the pictures mo bettah. library's got Epson flatbed scanners, but you'll need stolen student id to use'm. The library's site: only talks about 35mm, but usually the scannesr come with several different sized film holders so you can scan 120 film. If that doesn't work, you're on your own sherlock - gotta rap with dorks in the general computer lab office to see where the real goods are. good luck. give me a ring/email if you need more info.

djmagicmetz said...

dear sal...

since you don't have commenting available on your blog I will do it here. This is in regards to your most recent post.

Où campiez-vous ? Est-ce que c'était le dessus de la bastille ?