Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Loaded up the whips and drove to Denver for the Macaframa video showing at 3Kings Tavern on Sunday.

- the film is another ode to San Francisco and another step in the progression of the whole fixed gear scene. It was cool to see that the crowd really reacted well to the speed parts of the film and not just the tricks. Some of those dudes were flying. And it has a Cardiel section... check it out if you haven't seen it.-

Keirsti, Alex, Guy and even Stuart all met Willy, Schuyler and I down there.

Sky Jams was very excited to hear that the 3Kings has 40's...

Did a little Fixed Gear Freeride prior to the film and Shcuyler dropped this 3 stair at a middle school. Extreme to the maximum.

The 16 stair at Per's was a little much though.

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