Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guns and Ammo

The Dead Deer Shooting Club took a trip out to the Pawnee National Grasslands today for some target practice. The Grassland is a preserve of cactus, rusted metal, barbed wire and shotgun shell litter. But Mary had never exercised her second amendment rights, and that alone made the trip worth while...

also... I tried to pick up but it is taken. Here is the response from the owners.

Hi, Jason.

Debbie forwarded me your email request below. Although I don't think I can speak for Debbie, I must admit I am quite tempted by the prospect of a deaddeer bicycle group T-shirt. However, I can speak for her in letting you know that we very much would like to keep this domain as it drives quite a bit of traffic here in SW Virginia, and is also closely tied in with our popular Outdoors reporter, Mark Taylor. Perhaps you can find a slight variation on that domain name that still captures the deaddeer bicycle group's spirit and image.

Best of luck.

- dan no domain for us, but I think we all need to keep Dan in mind when rambling through our daily lives and try to capture the "spirit and image" of DEAD DEER...

1 comment:

Stefan said...

what gentleman dan is. I didn't think anybody could say "no you can't have it" so politely.