Saturday, November 1, 2008

reward for being awesome

hey everyone,
I lost/misplaced/ my race whip after the Alleydeer shredathon a couple weeks ago. if anybody sees it around town please grab it/lock it and take it to road 34. I'll give $100 to whoever gets it back - No questions asked. its a bitchin' brown Surly Steamroller. (however, by now it might be a new color)
thanks for something!
The Son of Deaddeer

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sal paradise said...

How can you be sure it's the right bike? It's got the most clapped-out, limp-dick saddle in the world. If it's 1000 percent uncomfortable to ride, it's def it. Only George could shred something so gnar. I'll throw in a free day of Oregon surfing as an added bonus to whoever finds it. *airfare not included*