Wednesday, November 5, 2008

B-Rocked that vote

I've got to stop blogging and do homework. Long story short.
4AM- Mexi and Myself at the oval with a bottle of bulleit bourbon and 2 sleeping bags.
10AM- Girlfriend brings us McMuffins at the front of a line of 50,000 people.
12NOON- Will cuts in that line.
3PM- Standing in front of the 'stump' watching the speech
4PM- Shaking the future President's hand and yelling "Obama! THANKS!"

Rest of the day- Excited but hungover as fuck.

Stoked Liberal Subverter

Back before my face was mangled. (see below)

It's not sunny... Mexi is drunk again.

Remember... Shake, Twist, 2 Snaps, and finish with a Fist Pound.


djmagicmetz said...

seeing will holding an american flag reminds me that I need to move to France.

sal paradise said...

If you leave, I call dibs on your Freedom Fries