Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Wreck Was a Doozy

I had my first fixie wreck this week, and it was a good one. I was on my way to class Monday afternoon trying to make my pedals rotate as fast as I could, when I saw my buddy Wes walking by. I looked back and gave him a wave and when I looked forward I saw some a discolored section of concrete in the middle of Remington Street. Turns out it was a section of wet concrete. As soon as my front tire hit it, my fate was sealed. The first thing I did after I came to, even before I stood up, was to ask the gentleman who stopped to ask if I was 'OK' to grab my camera and start shooting photos. I hadn't even bled through the concrete on my face by the time he took the first photo!
After a quick jaunt to the ER, I got to get naked and shower with a nurse. Although, she spent most of the shower scraping rocks out of my skin. She also pulled a rock outta my cheek the size of a marble. Maybe I could send the story to Penthouse Forums.

Bottom Line? I'm probably going to have to put my modeling career on hiatus indefinitely. Sorry ladies!!!

Eat Concrete... Literally

Sometimes you shred the street... Sometimes the street shreds you.

..."And He's OK, FOLKS!!!" (15 stitches later)

-(btw, showers really hurt now.)


djmagicmetz said...

hope you feel better... Typically the orange construction cones actually designate areas that can be hazardous if you are not part of the construction crew...

shredettles said...

you should have doggy paddled- dude. you always test the waters...