Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Magic is confirmed for the SSWC 09...

I am going to Durango in September for the Singlspeed World Championships. I hear that Ned Overend is going to be racing too, so I decided to write him a note on our beloved site.

Dear Ned Overend,

I am coming for you in September.


(He has gotta be 50 and he will almost definitely destroy me, just gotta get a good start right?)

-oh and I ended up getting on the "alternates" list for the San Francisco job and I am not going anymore. So for the lucky few left in Fort Fun, I'll be at Mugs.-


Stefan said...

go an get em, but watch out for the mole. I hear it has magical powers.

djmagicmetz said...

They don't call him "the lung" for no reason. If I can still see him after the first hill I will be happy.