Thursday, February 19, 2009

early morning court dates lead to shredding

headless no comply drop in


this and the following are photos of schuyler doing the most ridiculous roll in to roll in thing that i believe can be done at the park.

in these photo's i'm trying to capture how ridiculous this tranny is. use your imagination

now lets step back and see the second roll in.

schuyler spilled coffee in the park. post landing the roll in to roll in featured above

andy frnt board reverse 270 shuv?

dude gets a frnt board shuv (sorry don't know his name)

artsy view of the 270 reverse shuv thingy

what do you call this?

AJ blunt slides the dead deer bump

schyler up and over to tight tranny immediate role in

from the other side


ps not all of these were landed in said photo, but good times were had

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