Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cannonball Run 2009

When I arrived in Australia almost two years ago now I had just missed the start of the most epic annual fixie ride in Oz.  The original idea was to have a alley cat stage race from Sydney to Melbourne.  Turned out that 1100 Kilometers was a bit far to have an alley cat and instead it turned into a death march from the city with the bridge to the old capital of Oz.  The tradition has continued and finally I was lucky enough to partake in this epic event.

Ten messengers and ex-messengers on fixies and single speeds riding for six days, 180-200 kilometers a day for a total of about 1100 k's with the final destination being Melbourne.  We stayed in pub accommodation along the way so beer was not too far away.   It ended up being quite a mental challenge as we battled 100 degree weather and epic storms that knocked down huge fuckin trees, but the feeling of rolling in to Melbourne as a crew was indescribable.  Thanks to the cannonball gang for a great ride.  

This was a cafe in the middle of nowhere run by some crazy lady from Berlin.

My hommie corey messenger/astrophysicist.  Space is a wonderful topic to help the k's fly by.

Passing all the cars stopped by all the downed trees.  It was the perfect storm...

Big downed tree in the road.  Massive logging trucks flew past us the whole time and I was waiting to see one gloriously plow straight into this thing.  I have never seen a storm knock trees this size down and six of them at that.  Beer tasted oh so good that night.

"Ena gada a vida baby"  Chillin in eden with beers and a bbq.  

This is what happens when you have big downhills and no brakes on your bike.  Fyxomatosis is Andy's website. Check it out it is rad. 

rollin with the hommies into melburn.  I didn't fall over once during the previous five days to this, but due to a final day of foot down into the city I hit the asphalt about six times.  Brian your going down the next time I see you.  Watch out you safo c@#t!
The final beer at Monash University pub across the street before rolling into Melbourne.

Federation Square: Final destination of an excellent adventure.

There is nothing better then being on the road and if anybody has any ideas of the next trip let me know i'm in.  I was thinking Kyoto to Tokyo or maybe Paris-Brest-Paris??

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