Monday, December 1, 2008

Verbal diarrhea

The piercing sound of an eagle's scream
Flying into my head like a thunderstorm of confusion
Across the night's sky forming constellations of heroic figures.
Like a symphony of of cacophony forming many sounds but one,
The guitar, the bass, the drums,
a one stop shop of grandeur.
Like throwing gas on grass
an invitation for an explosion of music.
The beats and melodies making the sweetest harmonious love.
The infinite dream of the bars attempting to find a seamless tranquil night.

- from a scribbled on torn piece of paper out of a box from a night out on the town with friends in the spring of 2007


sal paradise said...

sick words. I'm an especially big fan of the scrap of paper/napkin medium in the literary arts. Its texture and 'other-ness' creates such a delicate yet deft conveyance that is totally unique.
You might want to run your titles through spell check first though.. just sayin..

shredettles said...

sal paradise is a dick...fixed the shit. (pun intended)