Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spain n Italy (Revisited)

I just got some photos emailed to me today from Jaret, SweetMike, BigAndrew, and I's trip to Spain and Italy. It sure is nice to look at these 'warm' photos as I stop studying for a minute and stare out the library window at a deep blanket of snow. I selected a few goodies outta tha bunch. Here they are....

Stolen Backpack? No Problem.

Truck Surfing is not condoned by CocaCola or the Pamplona Police. But it is condoned by Teen Wolf 1 star Michael J. Fox

TintoFaces 4 Life!

How could I not include this photo? (he's sitting on a mini chair)

The old walls of Pamplona.

Opera Man

Nap Time in Pamplona. Andrew is like a big purple pillow.

Purple Pillow Indeed.

Mike brought me some breakfast wine.

Unified in Tinto, Bulls, and Fiesta

Andrew is Grabbing that Greazy Italian Ass (on the right... whoa.)

Yep. He fit in well.

Pamplona Mornings.

Hitchin a Ride to tha Club in Italy.

I thought this was Picasso-Esque

Andrew all Tinto'd out.

Who's coming next year?


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