Saturday, December 20, 2008

The CSU Bowl Game is starting right NOW! Here's a quick recap of what got us there...

The ol' Bile Traveller

Setting Saturday traditions of giving away booze.

Herbs is professing the freshness of the keg.

Yes. I Agree. If it tastes good, eat it.

Will gettin tha boot.

The nice cops will sing to you before they kick you out.

Good lookin' group.

We gotta get Mexi back in his seat before the start of the 2nd half.

Once knockout began, everything changed for the better.

2 Hands?! Lame.

Chico has never been prouder of his Rammies.

We woulda went broke if Johnny Walker kept scoring touchdowns. (estimated cost = $40)

Chico tried to complete the tap challenge, but failed. (drink every tap beer in one sitting)

Bigger tailgating footprint in '08.

Rams football can bridge the gaps that divide us as a people.

This was the year that every random dumbass wore Road34 Green & Gold to every game.

If you don't know the rules, Herbs will explain them to you again and again and again and........

New Mexico Bowl starts now! Go Rams!

Oh yeah.......


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