Wednesday, October 15, 2008

this friday...... we race!!

this is what schuyler and metzler think about dudes and dudettes that don't show up....

and this is what i'll do to you when i see you after you missed the race..... and trust me i'm gonna hunt down every dude on a fixed gear in fort collins (i remember when there was eight of us and now i think theres around seven hundred and fifty) and punch them in the face... i don't care if i've never met em. So take off work people.....

hope your all spreading the word. free race.. good times.... meet at roland moore tennis courts at 8PM sharp. or at 34 at 7... if your scared to pedal over there alone or simply want some whiskey to sharpen your wits before the race.

more info to come (often i hope)

and comment if you have any questions..... or simply if your coming.. it would be rad to get a grasp on numbers

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I'll be intown but partying with Andy and Allison in celebration. Please don't punch me in the face for not showing up for the race, but feel free to punch me in the face for anything else.