Monday, October 6, 2008

in san fransisco 2 months ago!

pj battled the drop in. its been a long hard road to get to san fransisco... sometimes you lose your mind and forget you can actually skate. pj killed it the whole trip.. good times

this place was amazing... i got some tricks here... way stoked. you might see em one day if pj ever makes a zine

toll lady reppin 34!

this place is now torn down.. we had a fun time shredding though

guess who was too hung over to bomb hills

sitting in style

it might be good.......


berkley park.... we were the only dudes there

schuyler takes advantage

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I'm working on it. Seriously. There are so many fucking photos it has been really hard to start. I need to hit up GJ for photos from the bay area too. Hopefully I will get it taken care of by the end of the month. School is the priority though. I'm a kook.