Monday, October 20, 2008

ah the finish...

heres the map... and heres the order dudes,.. and dudette, showed up at my house...
this isn't necessarily the winning order because not everybody did all the stops.... but you get the gist and the first 4 are positively right! and who cares about anybody besides them..... just kidding everybody killed it

Nettles took it down... 1st place, Original Dead Deer.... no special treatment here, just fast as balls. He actually skipped rd34 and went straight to the finish. Realizing his mistake (i wasn't even there yet) he hightailed it to the bar and back with about a minute to spare...

before Will showed up for 2nd. Awesome!! dude was in flip flops... Dead Deer at heart

Don't know this dudes name... 3rd.... awesome

Legit 4th

5th one in but he missed some stops.. killed it though, even brought some goods to give away

First place Dudettes (overall top 5 or 6 legit) awesome!!



Paul Roady... Hit by a care about 5 weeks... killin it on the new rig

Herbstocks solid finish with a flat slowing him down

Schuylock was a heavy contender... well not really


Jake the snake rankin

Achron... always rock n roll


Per Mc Per... thanks for printing the hats!! we need some more!

Asher.. sweetest thing on 2 wheels

Zness da Pness. drunkest dude on 2 wheels... brought a 1.75 liter of bullet bourbon to the finish

Scarps!! Adam

last dude with a legit finish.. awesome job everybody...

more to come

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