Monday, August 31, 2009

Livin the dream...

Just went for a trip up the coast of Australia for my new job and got the opportunity to meet and see some pretty amazing stuff. I am planning on buying a 68 volkswagen wagon so I can chuck some boards on the top and cruise up the coast every other weekend now. Get down here ASAP, it is totally rad.

I promised this old dude in his shop I wouldn't post the photos on what he called "that dang faceweb", I said "don't worry mate, Im puttin it on the deer". How bout this collection. Siiiiiick
Shredding early morning with the sea surfboard dudes.
Damion and I after a great sesh. I got the shit kicked out of me by some waves.
My future ride that will take me and anybody that gets their ass down here on the road trip of their lives.

Brendt and Damion chillin at Sea Surfboards in good ol Byron Bay


honeswags said...

you know a post from stefan is gonna have the goods.... good on ya mate, or what ever the hell you people say

shredettles said...

nice shorts bro