Tuesday, June 9, 2009

easy like sunday morning

so we're getting settled into our "badass beach bungalow" and we're stoked. unfortunately the internet dude won't be here till thursday so its hard to post. so i'm hoping stefan, nettles and djmagic will pic up the slack and keep the blog updated with internet stoke. we don't want to end up like rainfromthesky do we?

here's a couple quick pics

view from our window

down at the beach 2 blocks away

my address is 1301 46th st #5 san fran, CA 94122 if you want to come visit. we don't have a couch yet but you can sleep on the floor. and andy ship me some shoes already!

i'm gonna go and try to surf. wish me luck


Taylor said...

You lucky fuck...have fun on that beach

shredettles said...

get totally barreled like slex..

Stefan said...
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Stefan said...

Your beached as bru! look here