Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ah the internet..... sure is comfortable in here........

so what the hell is dead deer you ask?
dead deer is newly formed so its not too sure.. but it does know that it is awesome and it consists of people who ride there bikes for a number of reasons.... but we'll get into that later

dead dear has a three founding entities.

a holy trinity if you will

the father.... -->

the son... ---v

and the holy spirit.. --->

These three are the beginning of the dead deer.

Each will choose two to serve under them,
this will be done asap, or whenever we get around to it. after this awesome step, which will hopefully get a kick ass name. we will bike around town and go get beers......

then those 6 will each choose 1.. and so forth

oh yeah and we're gonna rock jean vests....
basically we're gonna be a bunch of nerds on "them damn pedal bikes" riding around like hells angels...

DEAD DEER ya heard

50 bucks says everyone thinks i'm lame and we never get to 9


george said...

have faith brother for our strength will come when the time is right.

Stefan said...

i Believe!